MLC 2006 Information

MLC 2006 (Marine Labour Convention) was initiated in order to provide decent working conditions. MLC 2006 is referred as the fourth maritime milestone. The other three are STCW, SOLAS and the MARPOL convention.


MLC 2006 sets the standard for:

  • Minimum requirements for seafarers work and living conditions
  • The combination and updates of more than 68 maritime-related international labour standards, produced over the last 80 years
  • Making it easier for governments and ship owners to apply the system, and provide decent working conditions


MLC 2006 covers five main points:

  • The minimum requirements for seafarers to work on a ship - age, medical and training certificates
  • The conditions of employment – wages, working hours, rest and leave; career development
  • The seafarers’ accommodation, leisure facilities, and on board catering standards
  • The health and safety, medical care, access to on-shore welfare facilities
  • Complaints, inspections, responsibilities of the flag and port states