Internal Control Regulation information

From “Arbeidstilsynet

The regulation applies to enterprises encompassed by:

  • Act relating to inspection of electrical installations and electrical equipment
  • The Civil Defence Act (enterprises required to maintain safety and emergency preparedness measures)
  • The Product Control Act
  • The Working Environment Act
  • The Pollution Control Act, where the enterprise employs staff
  • The Gene Technology Act
  • Act on radiation protection and use of radiation
  • Act relating to fire and explosion prevention


This regulation is not applicable in Svalbard or to enterprises as mentioned in section 2, subsection 3, of the Working Environment Act, cf. Royal Decree of 27 November 1992 on Worker Protection and Working Environment in Petroleum Activities.

Required written documentation

The company shall:

  • Establish health, environmental and safety objectives
  • Have an overview of the enterprise's organisational set-up, including allocation of responsibilities, duties and authority in regard to the work on health, the environment and safety
  • Identify dangers and problems and against this background assess risks; draw up appurtenant plans and measures to reduce such risks
  • Implement routines to uncover, rectify and prevent breaches of requirements established in or pursuant to the health, environmental and safety legislation
  • Carry out systematic surveillance and reviews of the internal control system to ensure that it functions as intended

Other documentation

The company shall:

  • Ensure that those Acts and regulations in the field of health, environmental and safety legislation that apply to the enterprise are accessible, and have an overview of requirements of particular importance for the enterprise.
  • Ensure that the employees have sufficient knowledge of and proficiency in systematic health, environmental and safety activities, including information on changes made
  • Ensure employee participation so as to utilise overall knowledge and experience